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United States

Barcelona, Spain

Discovering the Vibrant Culture and History of Barcelona, Spain Barcelona, Spain is a city that is famous for its vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and rich history. Located on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is a popular destination for travelers from around the world who come to experience its unique blend of modernity and tradition. In this …


Venice, Italy

Venice is a city located in northeastern Italy and is known for its romantic canals, beautiful architecture, and rich cultural history. The city is built on a group of small islands that are connected by a network of canals and bridges. Visitors can explore the historic landmarks of Venice, such as St. Mark’s Basilica and …

United States

Pagosa Springs, CO

Pagosa Springs is a charming mountain town located in southwest Colorado, surrounded by the stunning San Juan Mountains. The town is known for its natural hot springs, which offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for visitors. Pagosa Springs also boasts a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, fishing, and hunting, making it a popular …

California United States

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica is a beautiful coastal city located in Los Angeles County, California, and is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Here’s a description of what you can expect as a tourist visiting Santa Monica: The first thing you’ll notice is the stunning beach that stretches along the city’s coastline. Santa …


Ixtapa, Mexico

Ixtapa is a beautiful coastal town located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Guerrero. It’s a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, warm weather, and relaxed atmosphere. The town was built in the 1970s as a resort destination, and it has since become a popular spot for travelers seeking …

United States

New Orleans, LA USA

It’s a city that can be explored in multiple different ways depending on the company you keep. This past trip, in October 2022, when the weather was mild, my husband and I explored the city with our son, Nicholas, and daughter-in-law Kara – it was a waaaayyyy different experience than when I went a few …


Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a region in central Italy. Florence, the capital is home to some of the world’s most recognizable art and architecture. Images of tree-lined roads and wineries come quickly to mind, and the movie Under the Tuscan Sun adds to the allure that attracts 48 million people annually. Our itinerary was very simple, there …